Tips For Texans

Has a debt collector harrassed or threatened you?

Debt collectors are in the business of making money, and if that means coming after everything you own to get what they think they deserve, they will. In some cases, debt collectors have used threats, fear and coercion in an effort to collect a debt, regardless of whether the debt being collected was legitimate.

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Has a collection agency charged you additional fees and/or interest illegally?

If you have stopped paying, or defaulted, on your debt, then that debt may accrue additional interest and fees. A credit card, for instance, may charge you late fees and over-the-limit fees on top of your existing balance. Your responsibility for these fees is usually detailed in the original application you signed at the time your credit line or loan was issued.

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Protect Yourself: Demand Your Mortgage Note and Service Agreement

In many cases foreclosures have reportedly been processed in error. In one widely reported instance, a homeowner was actually foreclosed on by two different banks who claimed ownership of the mortgage note! In many other cases, homeowners returned after a hard day of work only to find the locks on their doors changed and all of their belongings gone – and they had never missed a payment! Protect yourself from this today and demand the proper documentation from the bank.

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