The Pennsylvania Attorney General has filed suit against the Unicredit Debt Resolution Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. The firm is accused of unscrupulous and unconscionable debt collections practices, and deceiving and coercing debtors by setting up a fake court room, complete with fake judges, within their office building.

According to reports, Unicredit masked the fact that the court room was not official and lured debtors to the building by sending employees directly to their homes in clothing that made Unicredit personnel appear to be Sheriff’s deputies serving court papers. Many were threatened with jail time if they failed to appear in “court.”

Once debtors appeared at the Unicredit “court room,” they were intimidated into providing payment for alleged debts owed, bank account numbers, and some even gave up the titles to their cars.

The Attorney General has asked a judge to freeze the company’s assets.

Upon being stopped and questioned by WTAE Team 4 reporter Jim Parsons, CEO of Unicredit Mike Covatto declined to comment.

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