If you have chosen to take charge of your personal credit, then staying on top of your credit score and monitoring your personal credit profile for regular changes is critical.

Whether you are working to repair and improve your credit score, or simply want to know if anyone is adding or modifying account information on your personal credit profile, then the following serves may help.

The following services are maintained by third parties, but are highly recommended for tracking credit scores, changes, improvements or problems with your personal profile at the three major credit bureaus.

Manage your Credit. Manage your Life.

True Credit is provided by one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the nation and offers a host of services for a low monthly price of $14.95.

You can try True Credit for free, with no risk, for 30 days to see if the services meet your need.

Benefits of True Credit:

  • Immediate access to all three credit scores from Trans Union, Experian, Equifax
  • Credit Score score calculations are made using Vantage Score, used by all three major credit reporting agencies
  • Immediate access to your credit reports
  • Regular, monthly credit report and credit score updates
  • Easy-to-ready credit reporting format to make your job of identifying errors and inaccuracies on any of your three major personal credit profiles.
  • Identity theft protection that emails you anytime there is a change to your credit profile
  • Personalized debt analysis and credit trending
  • Credit score analysis, recommendations and tips to help you improve
  • $25,000 Identity Protection Insurance

Free Credit Score at TrueCredit

Get Your Equifax Product Now!

Try continuous credit monitoring from Equifax Score Watch for $16.95 per month.

  • Continuous score monitoring and notification when a change in your FICO® score impacts the interest rate you are likely to receive
  • Detailed explanations for key score changes and specific tips for understanding your score
  • Daily monitoring of your Equifax Credit Report with email notification of key changes (email / wireless alerts)
  • Two Free Score Power® reports, plus discounts on additional Score Power® reports
  • Detailed “Bottom Line” of what your most current score means, comparison with national averages, and a graph of how lenders view you
  • Access to friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care available 7 days a week

Get Your Equifax Credit Report Now!

If you would like to obtain a free copy of your credit report, with no scoring information or monitoring services, click here.