Credit Repair, Debt Management, and Laws for Texas Personal Credit Repair for Texas Residents

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Prohibited Debt Collection Methods Under Texas Law

The following statutes outline debt collection methods that are prohibited by the State of Texas and include threats, coercion, harassment, abuse, unfair, unconscionable means, fraud, deception or misleading representations.

Texas Credit Reporting Law

The State of Texas has outlined specific laws to regulate consumer credit reporting agencies and how they do business with Texas consumers. Credit bureaus must follow these guidelines when reporting information about Texas residents to third-party organizations.

Texas Statute Of Limitations on Debt

A statute of limitations is a statute (law) that prescribes the period of time during which legal action may be taken. In respect to debt obligations, the statute of limitations sets forth the specific time frames during which the creditor or debt collector can legally sue the debtor.

Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Law

The State of Texas provides consumer protections in the event that a business, whether based in Texas or outside of Texas, violates consumer statutes such as the Texas Finance Code, or Debt Collection Law. If a debt collector violates the Texas Finance Code, a consumer has the right to file a civil action under the Deceptive Trade Practices statute.

Debt Collection Law in Texas

If you are a Texas resident, you’ll be happy to know that we have some of the best consumer protections in the United States as they relate to the collection of debts. Texas Law goes much further than Federal debt collection laws by providing a set of detailed guidelines that must be followed by debt collection firms and credit reporting agencies.

Texas Surety Bond Search

Does the debt collector have a Texas surety bond? Verify surety bond information with the Texas Secretary of State to ensure that the debt collection agency is legally collecting debt in the State of Texas.

Audio Recording of Phone Calls

If you plan on contacting a debt collection agency via a phone call, be sure to record the call. Texas Law gives you this right and ensures that the debt collector is not violating collection statutes.