Credit Repair, Debt Management, and Laws for Texas Personal Credit Repair for Texas Residents

Texas Credit Repair

Protect Yourself: Demand Your Mortgage Note and Service Agreement

In many cases foreclosures have reportedly been processed in error. In one widely reported instance, a homeowner was actually foreclosed on by two different banks who claimed ownership of the mortgage note! In many other cases, homeowners returned after a hard day of work only to find the locks on their doors changed and all of their belongings gone – and they had never missed a payment! Protect yourself from this today and demand the proper documentation from the bank.

Protect Your Identity and Good Credit

LifeLock helps protect your identity – even if your information falls into the wrong hands. We provide you early notification of identity threats, search the web for the illegal selling of your information, help cancel and replace the contents of your lost or stolen wallet, verify change of address requests and much, much more.

Your Rights In Texas – Credit Reporting and Collections Laws

As a Texas resident you can enjoy the rights afforded to you under Texas Law. Whether you are dealing with a credit collection or national credit reporting agency, if you live in Texas, you have unparalleled protections.

Sample Credit Repair Letters

Our sample letters will help you to turn the tables on unscrupulous debt collectors and derogatory listings on your personal credit profile by putting the power of the law in your hands.

Credit Report Mistakes and Errors

The credit reporting industry is extremely large, with the major reporting bureaus maintaining personal credit profiles on tens of millions of Americans. With large and complex systems come rampant errors, mistakes and inaccuracies.

Powerful Techniques for Texans

Learn credit repair techniques that are so powerful, that many collection agencies would rather remove your alleged debt and cease collections than pursue further collection action.

Texas Credit Repair: Step-by-Step

We’ll show you how to repair and manage your credit, step-by-step, including the Texas laws you can cite when contacting credit collection agencies and credit bureaus, how to make initial contact, how to force collection agencies to comply with your requests, and what to do if they ignore you.

Loans and Credit for Small Business

Small business owners often have to agree to personal credit checks in order to obtain a bank account, business loans or even a merchant account.

Build Your Personal Credit

It’s never too late to start building your credit, even if you currently have derogatory accounts on your credit report or a low credit score.

Credit Score and Monitoring Services

If you have chosen to take charge of your personal credit, then staying on top of your credit score and monitoring your personal credit profile for regular changes is critical.