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Insider Tips: How Your Credit Score Is Calculated

Credit reporting agencies are notorious for being secretive about how exactly they get your score, but the following tips from Money Crashers may provide some insights that can help you maintain and manage your credit and debt. Your credit score is affected by four major factors.

Debt Collection Firm Sets Up Fake Courtroom to Trick Debtors Into Paying

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has filed suit against the Unicredit Debt Resolution Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. The firm is accused of unscrupulous and unconscionable debt collections practices, and deceiving and coercing debtors by setting up a fake court room, complete with fake judges, within their office building.

Debt Collectors Accused of Bullying

During tough economic times, debt collectors get even tougher, often engaging in activities that are against state and federal laws.

Federal Trade Commission Sends Surveys to Determine Accuracy of Debt

It’s no secret that debt collectors often attempt to collect debts in the wrong amount, or even from individuals who never incurred the debt. The Federal Trade Commission has sent a survey to nine of the largest debt collectors in the country to help determine what the rate of inaccuracy is in the collection of […]

Mortgage Rates Set to Continue Rise

Mortgage rates are continuing their creep upward in a trend that well may choke off a recent refinancing boom and provide a test of the strength of the housing market in 2010.